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Data Management Science Pipelines Design

  • J.D. Swinbank
  • T. Axelrod
  • A.C. Becker
  • J. Becla
  • E. Bellm
  • J.F. Bosch
  • H. Chiang
  • D.R. Ciardi
  • A.J. Connolly
  • G.P. Dubois-Felsmann
  • F. Economou
  • M. Fisher-Levine
  • M. Graham
  • Ž. Ivezić
  • M. Jurić
  • T. Jenness
  • R.L. Jones
  • J. Kantor
  • S. Krughoff
  • K-T. Lim
  • R.H. Lupton
  • F. Mueller
  • D. Petravick
  • P.A. Price
  • D.J. Reiss
  • D. Shaw
  • C. Slater
  • M. Wood-Vasey
  • X. Wu
  • P. Yoachim
  • for the LSST Data Management


The LSST Science Requirements Document (the LSST SRD) specifies a set of data product guidelines, designed to support science goals envisioned to be enabled by the LSST observing program. Following these guidlines, the details of these data products have been described in the LSST Data Products Definition Document (DPDD), and captured in a formal flow-down from the SRDvia the LSST System Requirements (LSR), Observatory System Specifications (OSS), to the Data Management System Requirements (DMSR). The LSST Data Management subsystem’s responsibilities include the design, implementation, deployment and execution of software pipelines necessary to generate these data products. This document describes the design of the scientific aspects of those pipelines.